pondering.. what makes a charity compelling enough to reccommend?

Over Christmas I found myself thinking about whether there is a pattern to what makes someone recommend a charity. I think it must be different to commercial organisations but I can’t really be sure. I posted my ponderings on twitter and it started a conversation I thought I’d repeat here.

So here you go – a mini crowd sourced checklist and the seed that started my resolution to blog!


spirals Laila Takeh
Today I am pondering.. Is there a pattern to what makes a charity compelling enough for someone to recc’d it

rachelbeer Rachel Beer
@spirals there are probably some common factors, which would be fairly easy to guess at, but a pattern… I’m not so sure

spirals Laila Takeh
@rachelbeer thx- I agree. Been thinking.. exc. supporter’s personal experience of the issue – personable, honesty, good storytelling..

rachelbeer Rachel Beer
@spirals and showing impact/positive outcomes as well as the need, sharing useful inform, perceived to be an authority on the issue/cause…

spirals Laila Takeh
@rachelbeer Think another important one is collaborating with others where there is shared issue/s. Not being megolomaniac

rachelbeer Rachel Beer
@spirals … and perceived to be good value for money/effective. I think showing appreciation for supporters is a big one in the mix, too

spirals Laila Takeh
@rachelbeer there must be some sort of checklist somewhere already. Hmmm

rachelbeer Rachel Beer
@spirals good one

rachelbeer Rachel Beer
@spirals I’m not sure there is. I was thinking about blogging it – do you have a blog?

spirals Laila Takeh
@rachelbeer toyed with blogging but not stuck it out yet. Perhaps that should be my 2011 resolution 🙂

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