fluffing your lines – project management at its best

Recently I was reminded of the performers principle of carrying on regardless even if you fluff your lines. This being based on the knowledge that no-one apart from a few knew what was supposed to happen in the first place and so, in most cases, the majority will assume the reality of what happened was planned.

I think it’s useful to bear this in mind when a project isn’t quite going to plan. There are so many times when the only option held as acceptable is the ideal. But true project management principles recognise what the lowest possible acceptable state is, as well as the highest.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a client to an agency, I always shoot for the moon. I see it as my personal responsibility that the charity gets the best for every pound we spend. I owe it to every tin shaker who has volunteered (and all the other supporters too), as well as every beneficiary who needs the charity.

However the principle of ‘fluffing your lines’ and still getting a round of applause is very helpful to keep to mind when times are looking gloomy. The other positive is that phasing new features in gives you something else to talk about after the initial big bang!

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