the ideal transition digital team

In a week where the Government’s digital champion Martha Lane Fox said there was a digital skills gap in charities [ref: ACEVO conference] it seems only right that I finally write this blog post.

Round two on what everyone ‘just doing digital’ means; “the nirvana where everyone is ‘just doing digital’ may come, but what’s the ideal transition digital team?”. I’ve been contemplating this mind boggler and avoiding writing anything for a good few weeks. But the quote from the ACEVO conference tipped me over the edge.

What does the ideal transitional digital team look like?

It might be big or small, digital all-rounders, or specialists in discrete areas. These specifics are dependent on the organisation size and needs. In this transitional time those factors are less important than the ethos and culture of the team.

I think it’s crucial that the individuals are avid life-long learners who enjoy passing on knowledge. It’s only with these traits that a digital team can help close the skills gap talked about. Remembering of course that the organisation needs to provide the space and resources that allow them to act in this capacity.

It’s even more important that the transitional digital team is not over protective or territorial. A true collaborative approach is needed to make the hub and spoke model work. Other teams need to bring their expertise to the table and own the integration of digital into their work. This means a digital team letting go – occasionally even if you’re doubtful something will be a success. As long as the risk isn’t high, letting others learn through trial and error is the quickest way.

Being a change agent isn’t without its challenges. So patience and persistence are the final facets of a great digital transitional team.

So… what do you think? Are there other skills digital charities teams need right now?

BTW: Thanks to David Bull for tweeting the quote that tipped me over.

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