digital content strategy – web managers meet up

  1. Looking fwd to #webmgrs tonight at Innovation Warehouse. Theme is content strategy. Expecting a full house of about 70. Are you coming?
  2. Heading up to @webmgrs meet-up at Innovation Warehouse. Come in from the rain to a warm atmosphere! Kick off at 6.30. #webmgrs
  3. First up…
  4. Head of Content for #eBay Europe Lucy Hyde discusses multi-lingual content management #webmgrs
  5. 21 sites @ebay Europe – 4 functions in content team: content mgrs, localisation team, emerging mkts, web dev. #webmgrs
  6. #webmgrs lucie hyde, head of content, eBay does not have a cms
  7. Architecture of @ebay site has grown up organically due to way site founded. Trying to work on this now #webmgrs
  8. More strategic approach to content has seen efficiencies and better user feedback but hard to quantify in £ due to @ebay model #webmgrs
  9. Bit like communication tourettes @ebay previously. International org built on silos so incentives by team not org didn’t help #webmgrs
  10. eBay was anti ‘process’ so Lucie rebranded process as ‘relationships’. Importance of finding the right corporate language… #webmgrs
  11. Advice; be prepared for battles but pick them wisely, have a good sponsor to provide cover, show rather than tell #webmgrs
  12. Take away the debates with standards and templates. Then able to focus on debates that matter. Train, train and train again #webmgrs
  13. Created a quality score sheet @ebay – everyone who wants to sign off content has to use it – helps reduce subjectivity #webmgrs
  14. Woah, that must have been excruciating @ebay RT @spirals: Went from 60,000 pages to 30,000 after the initial content audit #webmgrs
  15. #webmgrs eBay did a site audit in Germany and found Xmas campaigns from 2003 so managed to halve the site size. non product pages btw
  16. After got it running well. Go up next level – messaging hierarchy, layout, multi variate testing. End to end campaign strategy #webmgrs
  17. Need to change way think about content. Huge amount of customers not even on site -they’re mobile so need to go to them #webmgrs
  18. Onsite stats show about 80% of behaviour across Europe is very typical although tone of voice considerations more varied #webmgrs
  19. Next up…
  20. One-man content enforcer @acediscovery telling the story of the rebirth of the Horniman Museum website. Love it!
  21. No content strategy – but very clear paths on what wanted to do. Inc. what to replicate from old @HornimanMuseum site #webmgrs
  22. Be VERY specific about how content should be delivered. Word but no embedded images. Inc change frequency expected #webmgrs
  23. “@spirals: Love it – @HornimanMuseum blog strategy ‘content our visitors would like to read’ #webmgrs” < genius
  24. Photos work better than words for @hornimanmuseum says @acediscovery #webmgrs
  25. 20% of @Hornimanmuseum visitors are under 5yrs old.. No wonder they like the photos #webmgrs
  26. Final thoughts…
  27. Interesting chatter about digital projects often bear brunt of breaking down silos as have to be cross org #webmgrs
  28. Really good #webmgrs meetup – great talks on content strategy from #eBay Europe’s @LucieHyde and @HornimanMuseum’s @acediscovery
  29. @acediscovery Hey, thank you for chatting tonight. V interesting, & you were a great speaker at #webmgrs. Will look forward to hearing more;
  30. @Aggelos_Taplatz @DeborahFrancis @Niecieden @spirals @webmgrs Thanks for all the nice words and feedback about last night. Glad you enjoyed!

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