crowd-sourced digital charity conference

The Prince’s Foundation reception areaGet a room. Fill it with digital types from charity and agencies. Go!

That’s the principle of Barcamp non-profits. A time and place for people with a particular interest to come together to share learnings and come up with new ideas.

I volunteered to be an organiser just before Christmas and now the event is just around the corner (17 Feb 2012). So I met with a few of the other organisers (Amy, Nick and Sylwia) to confirm the basics.

Once we finished chatting about tea, coffee, biscuits and whiteboards (the important stuff!) we couldn’t help stirring up a few potential ideas for the day. I won’t give anything away – but I will say I’m confident it’s going to be a great day!

So … over to you to make sure I’m right. Bring your challenges and gems of learning and be prepared to share.

2 thoughts on “crowd-sourced digital charity conference

  1. Thanks for flagging up the conference, and glad to hear you’re involved too. Was planning to be there – UK Fundraising got involved early as soon as Sylwia suggested it – but I’ve managed to double-book myself for that day. Hope you all have a great time, and hope to see more of these kind of events.

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