social media week 2012 – my take outs

Social Media Week logoThis is the first year I’ve actually managed to attend some social media week events in person. I even co-organised one too (Barcampnfp here’s my earlier blog post). I’ve got a few ideas for future posts and discussions but here are a few key take-outs rattling around in my brain.

Strategy & management

  1. Global organisations (all?) face challenges around Local Vs Global knowledge and leadership.
  2. Having a global resource to ‘mine’ and share any locally created assets is a valuable investment.
  3. Local teams should be trusted to understand their market, global teams should not dictate an approach.
  4. Be brilliant at the basics.
  5. Digital ownership challenges still exist. Digital intersects with many areas but specialists don’t always get the appropriate level of input or influence.
  6. ‘Social Media’ is a fad, it will just be a normal communication method soon. Think ‘make your media social’ instead.
  7. Open data is something the charity sector needs to explore, it could save money and increase impact.

Engagement in social media

  1. It’s easier to ‘ride a meme‘ than to create one.
  2. Don’t think about campaigns, think about relationships.
  3. Quality over quantity counts with influencer engagement; niche and upcoming Vs broad and established – choose wisely.
  4. Global org’s see significant difference in engagement style and tactics by market.
  5. For games – Females want to collaborate, Males want to compete.
  6. Human behaviour hasn’t changed, just expectations and the medium.

Stats and measurement

  1. Telemarketing wasn’t measurable when it started. Social media is already more measurable relative to its age.
  2. 95% of facebook traffic is to the news feed, only 5% of people return to a brand page after their first ‘like’.
  3. Sponsorship pages that are connected to facebook get higher conversion, 40% Vs 7%.
  4. Justgiving see £6 return for each facebook share.

Please feel free to add your amends, key take-outs or thoughts in the comments 🙂

4 thoughts on “social media week 2012 – my take outs

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