what are you feeding your digital content army?

I think we need to rewrite one of the oldest digital sound bites there is:
Content is king the kingdom.
Users are the king …
…staff, volunteers & influencers are your army.

Digital content challenges actually haven’t changed that much since the early days of digital being established in organisations. To name the key ones:

  • Being audience centric rather than organisation centric.
  • Removing the bottlenecks.
  • Balancing quality Vs timeliness and value Vs effort /cost.

But what has changed is the context. Content creation tools have been ‘friendly’ for a while, they’re more accessible in cost, and many individuals come with experience of creating digital content either personally or professionally. So the key challenge now is actually motivating the whole organisation to take their place in your organisation’s digital content army.

So how do you motivate your content army?
You need to feed them, coach them, and reward them. An audit or plan around these themes is probably a good starting point.

My experience is that there are some commonalities but specific tactics need to differ based on organisation culture, each team’s objectives and individual content contributor preference. So do tell… what are you feeding your digital content army?

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