how to build digital literacy in your charity

This week I was lucky enough to be a facilitator at the first CharityComms digital leaders roundtable. There were a few familiar faces but the strategic level promised also attracted many new people too. The topic of the evening was digital literacy in charities.

We spent quality time debating the current state of digital literacy, the impact of this and the approaches being used to build capacity while also handling existing challenges. All a very relevant topic for me personally since my job description tasks me to “mainstream digital at UNICEF UK over a period of 5 years”.

Vicky’s blog sum’s up the key points well so I won’t repeat them here. But I promised to share more information on a few of the capacity building approaches I’ve been taking.

  • Digital competencies framework: a table showing what we expect everyone to be able to do, and then three other levels based on whether you’re external facing or identified as a champion or super-user. This will form part of the organisation’s personal development and recruitment processes in the near future.
  • Training and stimulus sessions: we’ve been hosting external speaker sessions to stimulate interest and learning plus we’re building training programmes based on the competency framework.
  • Internal stakeholder group: with reps from all external facing teams, and key partner teams such as IT and CRM, we meet to shape the strategic direction jointly, and to provide a forum for concerns to be expressed so we’re always listening.
  • Contact management approach: we’ve paired a member of the digital hub with a contact point in another team to ensure a regular dialogue happens. The contact pair discuss plans and opportunities but there’s also capacity building discussions in the regular catch ups.
  • Just doing it: we’ve been modelling the behaviours we want to see by stating ‘digital first’ in project objectives upfront. One example of this is our ownacolour project, it pushed many teams outside of their usual working processes and we’ve all learnt a huge amount from it.

I’ve said before that digital teams needs to be impassioned tutors and coaches and that’s certainly true for my team who are helping to deliver this. Alison, another facilitator from the event, has reaffirmed another perspective for me with her reflection on how digital roles have changed – we also need persuasion and change management skills.

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