marketing bootcamp – tough love for leaders

Last week was the first Marketing Academy bootcamp…

What is a marketing bootcamp?

I was lucky enough to be selected from around 600 applicants as one of 30 Marketing Academy scholars. The selection process was rigorous; written application, employer endorsement, showcase piece, telephone interview, four psychometric tests and a panel interview!

There are three bootcamps in the 12 month scholarship. The other elements of the scholarship are mentor meets, lunch and learns, faculty days and coaching.

The bootcamps are two or three intensive days of active learning with all scholars in attendance. This first one was mostly led by @thelivingleader but we also heard from @gailgallie@olibarrett and @petermarkey.

What did I learn?

Lots and lots and lots. Here’s a few of the easy to share bits:

  • Leadership: A real leader is one that develops other leaders. Authenticity is key.
  • Communication: Giving info isn’t the main leadership communication style; other key ones are seeking clarification, supporting, building.
  • Networking: Don’t ask what someone does – find out about them as a person first. You can spot something useful to share by email later.
  • Personal development: Focus on what you want to grow, if you focus on the negatives they will grow.
  • Your vision: If you vocalise your ambitions as if they were already true – it makes them easier to achieve.
  • Confidence: You can’t control how people feel, only how you treat them. So focus on what you give, not what you get.
  • Pull and push: When leading there are times to push, and there’s a moment to switch to pull. If you keep pushing results will diminish.

It’s going to be an amazing year of learning – I’ll try to share it with you along the way.

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