augmented reality summit – summary

AR Summit 2013This thursday I attended the Augmented Reality Summit, its been going for a few years but this was my first. Here’s a quick summary of my key take aways.

General trend

  • AR has grown from a niche techie interest to something that is viable for consumers in the last year.
  • There is ongoing convergence of wearable technology and AR. Oculus rift and Smart glasses being the obvious examples.
  • Google glass is being viewed as a conversation starter to get the key issues, like privacy, worked through quickly. Smart glasses have been around for a while.
  • QR codes are mostly outdated already as markers – image recognition is widely possible. I’ve never been a fan of QR.
  • AR and future mobile devices have the potential to disrupt the games console market by being just as powerful.
  • The key challenges:
    • battery power; use runs down your battery quickly, but the industry is working on processors and software to help.
    • GPS accuracy
    • interoperability; there’s no standards yet!
    • quality content.


  • Lighting; accuracy can be affected by light variation but you can always use the flash on a phone to help.
  • Markers; picking a strong image is critical in avoiding temperamental ‘pick-up’ in the AR reading.
  • Apps; custom apps exist at the moment because the off-the-shelf ones give limited interactivity and content options.
  • Aurasma; is relatively widespread in its adoption and has cheap / free options for creating AR triggers. Blippar and Zappar (and others) are yet to offer this.

Case studies

And here’s a tweet summary of the AR Summit in storify.

2 thoughts on “augmented reality summit – summary

  1. Thanks for this quick snapshot summary Laila – really useful for busy peeps like me! I’ve always thought that what AR needs (at least in our sector) is the development of some really strong use cases that push us to deliver some early examples of what it could do for organisations like UNICEF. Without these clear use cases I think non-techy people find it really difficult to see how it could work for us… it would be great to have a post for something like “5 awesome use cases for AR for charity fundraising” or whatever. Maybe I should write one? Anyway – hope you’re well!

  2. Hi there, Thanks for the info, I really want to start going along to some of these gatherings. Metaio do a similar summit called InsideAR that I want to get along to next year. I think 2014 is going to see AR really take off. Our company has just started a role out of AR with a large publisher in the UK and we hope to make AR not just a gimmick but a real tool with engaging experiences. I think Glass will arrive, but I feel as smartphones are becoming such a strong tech device they are going to monopolize AR for some time, particularly if you want to get to the mass user market with AR.

    Thanks for info

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