the difference of thinking in platforms

Mozfest_10Nov_018A little while ago I was lucky enough to attend my first, but hopefully not last, Mozfest. I didn’t entirely know what to expect apart from lots of ‘open web’ information and ideas. The timetable wasn’t released until the day before and it was live updated through the entire weekend. It was a great mix of structured and unconference.

I got practical tasters of lots of topics including making your first web app, creating your own maps, and hacking a mobile html5 game.

Quite a bit of my time was spent working with a team assembled on the first day on a project to simplify mobile giving. I won’t describe the final output as there’s a great blog post about Pass the App here. What I wanted to share is the striking difference it made by considering the problem from a platform perspective.

Thinking from a platform perspective really focuses you on the purpose and key features you need. A platform isn’t (primarily) a perfectly designed end consumer product in itself – it’s a tool that others can use to build their own version of something. This gives you an objectivity that quite often gets lost in projects where you’re building the finished public facing website or app.

I found focusing on empowering others through a platform is hugely empowering in itself!


As an aside: I also spoke to SourceFabric about why I was at Mozfest from UNICEF UK. Excuse the Ummms.

3 thoughts on “the difference of thinking in platforms

  1. Good to hear about MozFest. I really wanted to go but it clashed with a family event.

    Re: Pass The App, could you explain a bit more about what it’s designed to do? It sounds really interesting but it’s not entirely clear from your post or the one on the MozFest site how it simplifies the donation process.

  2. Its a set of components which sit in Appmaker. It means any individual can create a mobile web app for collecting donations into a paypal account. That was the theory. The hack got very close and the Moz team were going to continue to work on it.

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