any tips on managing change?

Not too long ago a couple of people asked me the same question only a week apart; Any tips on managing change? It’s just occurred to me that when I started this blog I promised to post when a topic seemed to be popular. So here we go, this is what I said…

I can tell you change management its hard, frequently unrewarding during the journey, and sometimes you lose clarity on why you started in the first place. But after the ‘event’ its hugely rewarding when you see the final outcome and see people who genuinely want to be there naturally forming a team without you having to force them to.

There will be some people who don’t ever go past the point of acceptance and the best thing you can do, once you’ve helped them knock down as many barriers as is feasible (see the human change curve as something helpful in conversations), is to help them to see if there are other roles or organisations that are a better fit for what they want.

There are lots of very useful resources out there – here’s a couple I think are useful:

What is your experience? what would you have said? 

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