corporates with purpose

Recently I was lucky enough to get back together with fellow Marketing Academy Alumni for some thought provoking talks and sessions around the theme of purposeful marketing.

One of the talks was from a CMO of a large drinks company and was followed by various discussion topics. Here’s a few of the stand-out points I jotted down:

  • Its not about marketing to consumers, it’s about mattering to more people.
  • Clear sense of purpose is a guiding star that helps all things ladder up to delivering more engagement
  • World today:
    • About discovering a truth and getting it to be shared.
    • No longer define audience as consumers, we are talking to people.
    • Purpose a key part of mattering to people.
    • Many more customer touch-points means you need a stronger organising thought.
  • Stengal purpose study showed meaningful brands grow faster.

What’s does this mean for charities?

With much of what was shared easily being something a charity could say it reinforced for me how the landscape has changed. There’s no doubting the trend of corporates further aligning themselves with social good and, at least in some cases, investing in meaningful social good activities.

Of course having a purpose doesn’t always equal doing social good but this isn’t always clear to (or cared about by) mass audiences.

What is clear is that this trend amounts to heightening pressure for charities to focus on the things that make them unique. This could mean transforming in lots of different ways in order to do this better, and also differently to commercial companies.

When the public see your brand in the same frame as more highly resourced commercial brands it could be far too easy to be drowned out.

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