digital capabilities and attitudes by age and region

This week I attended the launch of Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index. There are some fascinating findings related to financial capability and its link to digital skills. But the two things that stood out as more broadly useful were prompted by questions from the audience:

What are we doing to improve digital capabilities across the UK?

I’ve always been conscious of regional variances in digital capability but the study data appears show that’s its not a major issue anymore. Instead we have to dig deeper into the factors involved in creating inclusive digital services. Poor user experiences and communications were two of the areas flagged by Martha Lane Fox and the other panel members as barriers to digital skill adoption.

Regional digital skills and financial skills: LBG Consumer Digital Index

What are we doing to enable older generation to access digital services?

This was a little more contentious as the panel called for a focus on those that will engage rather than sinking time into those that will never engage within their lifetime. The panel were driven by the finding that there are hard to move negative views among non-adopters such as some over 60s. With digitally excluded groups a more effective approach suggested is to work with the network of individuals around them to provide indirect access to digital services.

Attitudes to digital amongst over 60s: LBG Consumer Digital Index


One thought on “digital capabilities and attitudes by age and region

  1. This is so up my street! The older generations have so much to offer the world in knowledge, experience and insight and so many (possibly millions) of them are languishing lonely in care homes. I wish we could all get them wearing VR and communicating with their peers and teaching the upcoming generations what is what. And with all of us with greater access to open data!

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